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Green! A local, family owned lawn company since 1997.

We provide lawn care that is truly as environmentally friendly as possible without sacrificing results.

Delaware Lawn Care: North Wilmington, Greenville, Hockessin, Newark, Pike Creek, Bear, Middletown, Claymont, Townsend, Smyrna, New Castle, Dover, Camden-Wyoming, Clayton, Hartly, Magnolia, Marydel, Fredrica

Pennsylvania Lawn Care: Landenberg, Oxford, Lincoln University, West Grove, Avondale, Kennett Square, Chadds Ford, Bethel, Concord, West Chester, Glen Mills


Routine lawn care treatments are key to ensuring the health and beauty of your lawn. Green uses organic based fertilizer, in order to provide you with the most environmentally friendly lawn, without sacrificing results! Choosing Green for your lawn care treatments will give you peace of mind of having healthier grass that is also safe for the environment.

WE DO NOT apply fancy or weird services that your lawn MIGHT need, or leave out important services to sell later in the year to get more money out of you. Our plan includes a full year of lawn treatments involving what your lawn truly needs.

Organic lawn care treatments


The aeration process creates thousands of new growth zones throughout your lawn by removing 1-3 inch cores of soil. As these cores "melt" they speed up the natural process of thatch breakdown. The holes left by aerating catch air, fertilizer, seed and water. Your lawn naturally expands to these pockets and the result is a healthier strand of grass with thicker and deeper roots.

With our lawn overseeding process, we take special care to use the correct seed for our climate. We use a "Tri-blend" of Turf-type Tall Fescue, this mixture will result in a more durable, drought tolerant, disease and insect resistant stand of grass.

lawn aeration & overseeding


Grubs are the C-shaped larvae of Japanese Beetles that nestle in the soil below the thatch layer and feed on the roots of grass. Left untreated, grubs can wipe out your entire lawn.

Do you really need a grub control? Grub control is often over-sold by most lawn care companies. Most lawns will not need a grub control, but if you have had grub damage in the past you should definitely consider having it done.

grub control for lawns


Nut sedge is a warm season perennial weed. It looks like a grass plant, but it actually is not. It is easy to spot, and is objectionable in lawns because its grass-like leaves grow faster than those of the desirable grasses. The yellow-green, wide-bladed leaves are smooth and shiny or waxy on the upper side. Nut sedge grows 1-3 feet tall if not mowed. It thrives in all types of soil, but prefers wet areas. It does not grow in shade.

Nutsedge is among the most problematic weeds in temperate zones worldwide, and is often found in our area. Nutsedges have a more upright growth habit than most turfgrass, which can be an annoyance as it results in nonuniform lawns. It can also emerge through bark mulches aroound shrubs and in flower or vegetable gardens throughout the growing season.

nutsedge weed control