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Green is a family owned and operated lawn company, since 1997.

About Us

What makes us different:

  • We are committed to maintaining a staff that is well-educated in the lawn care industry. All of our Lawn Care Specialists are certified applicators in the states of Delaware and Pennsylvania. (uncommon, if nonexistent in the industry) Our staff attends conferences and seminars to keep up to date on all of the new products that may be available as well as gaining information to help diagnose any problems that may occur on your lawn.

  • Our price list is available to everyone, including our competition. No sizing you up based upon where you live, size of your home, or what kind of car you drive.

  • "Natural", "Green", or "Organic"? What do they mean? In the lawn care industry, often times it's more of a sales pitch than a truth. When it comes to 100% natural lawn care, it provides less than adequate results and costs 5 to 10 times more than traditional lawn care. We provide lawn care that is truly as environmentally friendly as possible without sacrificing results.

  • We apply Organic based Fertilizers with naturally occurring Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Iron (this is the organic part of our service). We apply a liquid weed control for spot treating weeds (this is the synthetic part of our service).

  • We provide quality service at an honest price.

  • We will not force services on you, we will only suggest them, and we may even advise you not to get a service?!? Why would we turn away money? If we gain your trust, we believe you will give us the time to show you what we can do for your lawn. And with that we create a long term, win-win relationship.

Long Term Solution vs. Quick Fix

We choose the long-term solution. During the course of the year, many naturally occurring things can happen. We apply fertilizers that will help defend your lawn against many of the problems that can affect it. But when Mother Nature throws a curve ball we suggest not to apply expensive fungicides and short residual insecticides. Instead, we suggest incorporating new grass varieties that naturally defend themselves against damaging pests, resulting in a thick, durable lawn that is less dependent on pesticides. This can be accomplished by Core aeration and Seeding every few years. The variety of grass we incorporate is not affected by grubs. It is much more tolerant to drought and summer stress, and it is endophite enhanced to help it defend against disease and insects.

At Green we look forward to providing you a beautiful lawn for many years to come!


Cutler Heath, Owner

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