Bermuda Grass Control

Bermuda Grass Control

Because of its aggressive growth and persistent nature, Bermuda grass is very difficult to kill and eradicate completely from a lawn where it has grown vigorously. It is one of those grasses which can return even after it appears dead.

What is Bermuda Grass?

Bermuda grass is a serious weed in cool-season turf grass because it turns an ugly brown color from October through April, and it rapidly creeps into flower beds, neighbor’s lawns and onto sidewalks. Bermuda grass, a warm-season grass, commonly invades during the summer when cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass and fescue are under heat and drought stress. It is a problem only in full sun, i.e. it does not grow well in shade. Bermuda grass spreads by underground lateral stems (rhizomes), above ground lateral stems (stolons) and to a lesser extent, by seed.

While trying to remove Bermuda grass, just digging it up will not solve the problem. Several applications of Round-up are required over a month to kill 90 to 95% of Bermuda grass, and will also kill any desirable grass, and the lawn will need to be reseeded.

Treating for Bermuda Grass

Lawns can be sprayed with a product called Pylex. This herbicide has provided greater than 80% control in lawns without damaging desirable turf!*

Our Bermuda grass control is 2.5 times the cost of a regular treatment with a minimum charge of $165.

This treatment can be applied once, but should be applied 2 times during the month of August into early September for optimal results.

*Although completely eradicating Bermuda grass is very difficult, it is possible to get it under control. Reseeding with tall fescue and following a good maintenance program that favors tall fescue and not Bermuda grass is the key.

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