Nutsedge Control

Nutsedge Control

Nutsedge is a warm season perennial plant. It looks like a grass plant, but it actually is not.

It is easy to spot, and is objectionable in lawns because its grass-like leaves grow faster than those of the desirable grasses. The yellow-green, wide-bladed leaves are smooth and shiny or waxy on the upper side. Nut sedge grows 1-3 feet tall if not mowed. It thrives in all types of soil, but prefers wet areas. It does not grow in shade.

Nutsedge reproduces in three ways; tubers, bulbs and seeds. Tubers sprout in late-May until mid-July. Once the roots reach the soil surface, a bulb is formed which produces a new plant within three weeks. Each plant flowers during the summer and produces as many as 1500 seeds.

Once established, nutsedge is very difficult to control. Halosulferon herbicide is currently the only post-emergent herbicide product available that has shown very promising results in total control of nut sedge. Other post-emergent herbicides will only kill the leaf tissue, but will have no effect on the tubers and bulbs, which will reproduce new plants the following year. The best time to control nutsedge is soon after it, before tubers form. Repeat treatment may be necessary to control the leaf material.

Nutsedge plants can also be pulled up quite easily. If there is not too much of it, this may be the best way to eliminate it. Mowing at the highest possible setting during warm weather will also help to keep nut sedge from spreading. Close mowing stimulates the generation of new plants.

Our Nutsedge Control Services

Spot treatment of your lawn: Included with your lawn care program.

Treatment of your entire lawn: 2.5 times the charge of a regular lawn care treatment.

If you don't mind a little work and have a spot sprayer, we have "Dose Packs" of Halosulferon. One pack makes 1 gallon of solution. $15.00 (Delivered)

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